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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!!

  Finally .... something that works.

I have been battling a mild case of eczema for about 3 years now. I recently moved down to florida and my new dermatologist put me onto your product. I used it a couple of times and instantly started noticing a difference in my symptoms. After a couple of weeks my eczema is now totally under control thanks to you!

I would recommend this product to anyone !!

Thanks again,


This stuff is great!


I have had poison ivy for 5 weeks! We spent a ridiculous amount of money on every cream, lotion, spray, etc. that I heard worked. I even went through 2 weeks of prednisone! Nothing stopped the spreading and any itch relief was short-lived. Then, last Friday, a marine biologist friend of ours said 'I have the best stuff ever!' He gave me a bottle of Shuttle Lotion, which he had picked up in Miami to treat a jellyfish sting. I used it that night and immediately noticed it did not sting horribly like the other stuff I had been using. By the next night, I was able to stop taking the antihistamines, and I noticed a n improvement in the rash. Now, a week later, my skin is almost back to normal and I am itch-free! I now know what to use and what to recommend for contact dermatitis! Shuttle Lotion! Everyone needs to know about it! 

Thanks! ~RJ

Shuttle around the world

  Since 1955 my sister and now her daughters have mailed us shuttle from Miami, to places all over the world. With a husband in the military it was impossible to find Shuttle anywhere else. AND we couldn't be without it. You know bugs are everywhere. We have carried Shuttle Creme and later Shuttle spray from Oklahoma, Georgia, North Carolina, West Germany, Italy, France, Monaco, Hawaii, Canada, Vietnam, Mexico and finally Texas. We just could not have lived without having it to soothe the bites and burns which our six children had. Now we are using it on our Grandchildren and Greatgrandchild. God Bless the folks who invented it, packaged it and had it for sale.

No one can go wrong buying Grenald's Shuttle and you really don't even need the money back guarantee that you offer. Thanks so much for your Product.

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Sally Wilcox I have used your lotion for several years---it is amazing!  Thank you!!!

Really is that good

Nothing works on burns especially sunburns like shuttle lotion. One application of shuttle lotion and its cured.  It really is that good .