How to treat a sea lice Rash

Sea lice actually are not lice at all. They are the microscopic offspring of jellyfish; However, since their effects are similar to those of head or pubic lice, they have gained the nickname of sea lice. Like adult jellyfish, these small larvae have small stingers. When agitated, sea lice can cause an irritating skin rash.

Sea lice are generally found in warmer waters, especially in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. The most common culprit is the thimble jellyfish, which can migrate to other areas depending on the water temperature and the sea current. Sea lice are most active between March and August.

First things first, remove your bathing suit completely and shower to wash away any residual larvae. Any type of application, even fresh water, can cause the jellyfish stingers to activate and continue injecting toxins into your body. Do not wear the suit until after it has been through the washer several times and dried with high heat.

After you have showered thoroughly pat dry (do not rub) and apply a layer of Shuttle Lotion on to the affected areas.If you are still feeling uncomfortable, apply an ice pack to the affected area. The cold should help relieve any swelling and dull the pain.
Repeat this in about 4 to 6 hours and in a day or two you should be rid of the problem. For more severe exposure you may need to continue treatment for a few more days, but the itching and irritation should have already passed.

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