Heat Rash / Prickly Heat Treatment

We are all going to end up getting heat rash at some point in time so we might as well know what it is. Heat rash; A.K.A. prickly heat, prickly heat rash is the result of clogged pores. Pores become clogged with sweat, dead skin, and bacteria (often of the Staphylococcus epidermis variety). Once this has happened, sweat has to seep its way into the skin rather than onto the skin. Generally this happens at places on the body where skin meets skin such as armpits, the groin, between thighs, and under breasts. However, it's not uncommon for heat rash to develop on the back, face, abdomen, neck, chest, and at the hairline. Most of the time, if you treat it properly, heat rash will go away on its own. If you want it gone immediately or at least the symptoms of it gone Just wash with non deodorized soap and water, pat dry and apple Shuttle Lotion, The do your best to stay in a cool environment drinking lots of water.

How to Get Rid of a Heat Rash

Start to get rid of heat rash by getting out of the sun.Get out of the heat. The first step in getting rid of heat rash is, of course, to go someplace cool. The moment you notice heat rash developing, stop doing whatever it is you're doing and get to somewhere with some air conditioning. Failing that, get into a shady place and sit down until you cool down. Then get something to drink, preferably water.

Do not touch the heat rash. That will irritate it further.

Prickly heat rash can be soothed with cold water. Take a bath or shower (make sure the soap you use is not deodorizing). To dry off, air drying is best, but if you are in a rush, then pat yourself dry. Don't rub!!!! Then apple Shuttle lotion to the effected region this will help dry it out as well as sooth the irritation.

Treating heat rash is easier if you are able to allow the affected area to be uncovered. It's very important to allow as much skin-to-air contact as possible. Heat rashes love moisture. The drier you are able to keep your skin, the better. If you can sit next to (or under) a fan, do so. It is also helpful when treating heat rash to apply a cold compress. Just make sure that whatever you use is wrapped in a towel. If you notice the least bit of moisture in the towel from condensation, replace it immediately.

If you want to know how to get rid of heat rash, start by wearing breathable fabrics like cotton.Wear proper attire. Whether you are trying to avoid getting heat rash to begin with or are working on a heat rash treatment for your current ailment, it is important to wear the proper clothing. Stick to natural, breathable fibers like cotton and avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester.

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