Still a Fan

Yesterday I got a bit of sunburn on my back yesterday, and today am itching,
itching, itching, so came to mind the Shuttle Lotion of my youth.

I actually lived on Prairie Ave and 45th Street. My Dad, worked for
Ben Grenald in the store at 41st and Prairie, and he and my parents did become
friends. I think my brother Steve, even worked in the store at one point.

I was really skeptical when I Googled "Shuttle Lotion" that I'd find a site for
it! Oh MY!!! I live in the one place in Florida where you don't sell it. I've
been in Altamonte Springs (the Orlando area) since 1971. Can you imagine no
Shuttle lotion all those years!?! Well, not exactly. My parents moved here in
the late '70's and until then we were supplied.

And then please let me know either where the closest place to get a bottle of
lotion is, or the most cost effective way. Paying more for the postage than the
product doesn't work for me.

With fond regards,


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