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Shuttle Lotion cures cruise ships Sun Burn woes !!!

Hey all, I am happy to report that our Shuttle Lotion cruise was a huge success. Thanks to everyone involved for making the event a great one. We must have cured at least 25 cases of sunburn on the one cruise :) Take a look at this guy --->

I hope to see you all soon at one of our upcoming events or on this blog!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!!

Finally .... something that works.
I have been battling a mild case of eczema for about 3 years now. I recently moved down to florida and my new dermatologist put me onto your product. I used it a couple of times and instantly started noticing a difference in my symptoms. After a couple of weeks my eczema is now totally under control thanks to you!
I would recommend this product to anyone !!

Thanks again,


Happy Sailing with Shuttle Lotion

We are taking this fantastic lotion to the Bahamas and passing it out all over the Carnival Cruise line for this weekend only. If you aboard one of these ships come by and say hi to one of our friendly staff and get some free Shuttle.

Happy Sailing

Welcome to the Shuttle Blog ..

Ben Grenald - Founder
Hello and Welcome to the’s Blog!

I am Shaun Grenald the new CEO of American Hygienic Laboratories and the Grandson of the Inventor of Shuttle Lotion®. I want to take this Opportunity to thank you for your 70 years of support of Shuttle Lotion® and ask you to help me Welcome Shuttle Lotion® into the world of Blogging. We encourage you to sign up and get a user name and password and share your stories with everyone.  I will be posting from time to time to tell you about updates and events that Shuttle Lotion® will be participating in. Also I will be reading your posts and once a month I will pick the best entry to receive a free gift.  We look forward to reading your stories and experiences with Shuttle Lotion®.
We look forward to being there for you another 70 years……….

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