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This stuff is great!

I have had poison ivy for 5 weeks! We spent a ridiculous amount of money on every cream, lotion, spray, etc. that I heard worked. I even went through 2 weeks of prednisone! Nothing stopped the spreading and any itch relief was short-lived. Then, last Friday, a marine biologist friend of ours said 'I have the best stuff ever!' He gave me a bottle of Shuttle Lotion, which he had picked up in Miami to treat a jellyfish sting. I used it that night and immediately noticed it did not sting horribly like the other stuff I had been using. By the next night, I was able to stop taking the antihistamines, and I noticed a n improvement in the rash. Now, a week later, my skin is almost back to normal and I am itch-free! I now know what to use and what to recommend for contact dermatitis! Shuttle Lotion! Everyone needs to know about it! Thanks! ~RJ

I want to hear from you!!!!!!!!!

Lots of hits to this blog, Lots of new members, lots you new customers.... NO POSTS!!! Here is what we are going to to: The first 10 people to post a Shuttle Lotion story gets a free gift simple as that!When you post a story someone will contact you Via Email and ask for an address to mail you your gift. No strings you don't pay for anything not for shipping not for anything! A totally FREE bottle of Shuttle Lotion and maybe even a Shirt!
Thank you for your support,

Our Blog is Growing

Hey guy's & gal's we are happy to announce that out blog is filling up with lots of new users and plenty of old fans of Shuttle Lotion. I want to take this time to say welcome to our 200+ new members and encourage you all to post your own stories and feelings about our wonderful product Shuttle Lotion. Also if I like your post I will send you a free gift, maybe it will be a Shuttle Lotion T-shirt, or even a bottle of Shuttle Lotion, and maybe I'll send you both, you never know. It will all depend on your stories and how they touch me........

Many thanks to you all,

Shaun Grenald
President AHL

Local Sports Radio Show poker tournament - Shuttle Lotion was there!

On 4/29/09 The Dan Le Batard Show held a poker tournament at the famed Dania Jia-Alai and Shuttle Lotion was there being a part of it all. It was a great night for everyone with lots of prizes and tons of fun. The tournament had over 200 entrants including some local celebrities and the Miami Dolphin’s Legendary wide receiver Mark “Super” Duper. Yours truly played and while I didn’t win I placed 37th all in all not a bad showing. Instead of trying to tell you all about it I think I will just post some pictures of last night’s great event.

A couple of guys sporting their new shirts!

Another lucky winner sporting his new T-shirt and a free bottle of Shuttle Lotion!

Tournament Winner Rommel Brioso Standing in front of the 790 van with his Shuttle T

Shaun chatting it up with Radio host and Shuttle Lotion Endorser Stugotz from The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz

The Tornament winner showing off the Chocolate Chunk Award with Marc "Hoch" Hochman from the The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz.

A happy Player is thrilled he got a Shuttle Shirt that matched his hat!

The shirts just keep coming!

A happy woman with Mark “super” Duper and tournament winner Rommel Brioso

Mark “super” Duper with Rommel the tournament Winner and his new Shuttle Lotion shirt

Your top three Players with Dan LeBatard and Hoch from The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz. Mark

The Champion!

Our Champ rocking his Shuttle Lotion shirt and hamming it up with Dan LeBatard The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz

Players collecting their winnings from the Lovely casino host

We've hit the radio waves - 790 AM South Florida

Starting this week, Shuttle Lotion has officially launched its radio ad campaign in South Florida on 790 AM. We have had a great response so far. For those of you who missed the commercial, take a listen below!

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